Tips For Live Virtual Property Viewings

You have ordered a 3D tour with Live Agent Share, Doll House Views, Floor Plans, and even Room Dimensions and you need to know how to use the Live Agent Share.   

You’re all set to start conducting live virtual property viewings. This is great, you are going to love it. You may, however, be a bit guarded as to what you can expect from hosting listing showing in this way. This is completely understandable. After all in this international year of plant health 2020 it's a new way of doing things. And, of course, if you’re going to put your brokerages resources into presenting yourself as a future-thinking company, engaging with new innovative technology, you had best be sure, you do it right. 

This is why we have a few tips to help you on your way with Live Agent Share. Don’t worry, it real is very simple. You’ll be a pro in no time, and sharing your knowledge with others.

Be Ready:

Make sure you are ready and waiting. Set yourself up and prepare fifteen minutes before your live tour is due to start. If you have any doubts about whether it will be working properly, test it out with a colleague first. Take the tour of the home a few times yourself to be sure you are fully versed in how the software works, and the features of the home you wish to point out. When your buyers joins you, be ready and waiting with a smile on your face, just as you would greet them at the front door of the listing.

Act Naturally:

You don’t need to be a different person just because you’re virtually showing a home. Think of it the same way as if you were FaceTiming a friend, or conducting a Skype video call. You are the same professional self and a live virtual showing doesn’t change that at all. Remain positive, confident, and appear entirely competent as you would in a real-life face to face showing.

Allow Plenty of Time:

Allow as much time as you possibly can for your live virtual showing. Be ready for the eventuality that the buyers may wish to see other virtual showings after the one you’re in. If you have several to offer, make sure you have segmented your other listings based on their features (number of bedrooms, location, etc) so that you can immediately offer them the opportunity to see a similar property if they wish. 


There’s a very rare chance that you may encounter resistance from a buyer who may be concerned that that they cannot see a particular view, any smells, sounds, or what the neighbours are like for themselves. Your answer to these rare concerns is, if they are interested in the property after the virtual showing, then you can arrange a normal in-person tour that will let them assess all these factors first hand themselves. The purpose of a live virtual property showing like this is, after all, to give clients a sense of the property to help them narrow down their search and shortlist the properties they wish to view in person.

Treat it Like Any Other Property Showing:

You are used to the standard, in-person property showings. It’s part of your training and in your blood since you became a real estate agent afterall. It might take a bit of getting used to, doing your job in a different manner. Nonetheless, all the same rules apply. Look good, be positive, be professional, and present everything the way you have always done.

Finally, be sure to make the added benefits of the technology clear to the clients, that they can re-access again at any point with or without you, then sit back and wait for them to request that final in-person showing that will seal the deal. Chances are, they’ll make that request before your live agent share tour has ended.