I would like to take a moment to  connect with you regarding the uncertain times we've been experiencing due to Covid-19 and how Real T Photography plans to address any concerns you may have regarding the marketing of your properties, as well as the safety of your families, clients and friends as many home sellers and buyers alike are rightfully concerned about showings due to the potential spread of the virus we have something that may help you. 

With the current social distancing and extra precautions, open houses and other opportunities to market homes to potential buyers may be impacted, decreasing foot traffic and showings for your clients. As your preferred vendor for marketing images. Real T Photography has a responsibility to provide options to minimize social obligations and help your clients list and market their homes without disruption.

Real T Photography has been testing an online showing system that will allow potential buyers to view properties from the safety of their homes and prevent unwarranted contact with the home sellers. We like to call this 3D Agent Share Tours. The system is live now so you can provide your sellers a safe alternative to having a large number of buyers coming through the homes.  This can be an opportunity for you to get a listing when the seller is on the fence in these trying times.

This is where it gets really exciting, with just a click of a button you can  Invite anyone to an instant showing over the internet. As you navigate around the home while participants move and look with you no matter where they are in the world or what platform they are using. You are able to text or video chat  live with the buyers, you can also invite other into your chat at anytime. 
PAR recently posted this advisory ,
“Public health advice is continuing to evolve. As of March 16, 2020, Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all “non-essential” businesses to close for at least the next two weeks. Best practice would be to offer sellers other marketing opportunities and to offer buyers other means to view properties if available. Should you decide to offer any of these in-person services, be sure to consult with your client (and the other party) and take all appropriate health and safety measures.
3D Live Agent Share Virtual Tours are an ideal way to open up your Listings to show the home 24/7 and allow potential clients to view and walk around the property as if they are there.

A Doll House View and Floor Plans with room measurements are also included with the tour.
Over 25% in savings.
Real T Photography is currently offering Single Property Website, with Up to 25 3D Live Agent Share Tour Scenes, and Up to 45 Still Photos for just $240.00
Just order the 3D Agent Share Special before Tax Day April 15th here.
Additional photos $2.50 each or tour scenes $3.40 each

3D Agent Share Tours can be viewed on any device anywhere, 24/7 without needing any additional software. 




Agent Share Tours are also VR ready and can be shared easily via a link or embedded into any website as easily as photo.

Agent Share Tours are also VR ready and can be shared easily via a link or embedded into any website as easily as photo.

Added Bonus!

We will also include a Zillow 3D tour with any 3D Agent Share Special to increase your listings exposure even more. Regularly $45.00

Request your 3D Agent Share Special for all your listings before we are completely Booked.

Contact us now to have your property listings open to view free to the world 24/7 online, and avoid spreading the Virus
CDC Guide to protecting your home
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